Paleo Foodporn: French Toast Casserole with Blueberries


Yesterday I made the “Blender Bread” from Danielle Walker’s Joyful (which you can get for $1.99!) Do yourself a favor and make this in the food processor instead of the blender, unless you have one of these.

Then I prepped the rest of the casserole (also in the book) the night before, swapping out cranberries for blueberries.  Popped it in the oven this morning and voila!

Overall it tastes good, but a little bland.  I’m thinking maybe next time adding in some bacon or sausage would add an interesting element and some additional flavor.  But OMG it’s Paleo French Toast Casserole!

This does violate the Whole30 SWYPO rule, so if you’re doing Whole30, avert your eyes.


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I am a PMP and Myers-Briggs Certified PMO Director who is using Agile principles and methodologies to incrementally improve myself and the world around me.

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